Configuring EasyPost [NB]

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EasyPost is currently the only integrated shipping estimator for eCom in North America. EasyPost specializes in shipping solutions and can access rates from many shipping providers including:

If you do not want to use EasyPost you can set up your own pre-defined shipping rates.

To get started with EasyPost

  1. Sign up for EasyPost
  2. Configure your EasyPost shipment options in eCom Backoffice.
  3. Configure EasyPost carriers.

To sign up for EasyPost

To offer EasyPost shipping, sign up for EasyPost here.

To configure EasyPost

  1. On the left panel of Backoffice go to Settings and from SHOP SETTINGS choose Shipment Methods.
  2. Click Connect EasyPost and configure your options.


  • Enable this integration - Activate the switch to make EasyPost available in your shop.
  • API key - Enter the API key for your account. It is provided by EasyPost and can also be retrieved from your EasyPost account. Important: EasyPost provides you with two API keys: Test and Live. You can use the Test API key during your trial period. You will not be charged and none of the requests will appear in your live mode reporting. As soon as you start selling, you need to enter the Live API key. 
  1. Sign up for an EasyPost account.
  2. Go to EasyPost > Account > API Keys and record your API keys. 


  • Tax rate - Select the tax rate for your location. Do not use this option if you are located in the United States or Canada. Tax will be handled automatically if you set up your taxes in Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Taxes.


Enter your company's mailing address details that you want to appear on return shipment labels.

To configure EasyPost carriers

By default EasyPost already has USPS configured. If you want to use other supported EasyPost carriers you must enable them manually through your EasyPost account.

USPS does not calculate shipping rates from Canada to Canada.
  1. Log in into your EasyPost account.
  2. Go to EasyPost > Account > Carriers.
  3. Select carrier you want to integrate with.
  4. Enter the carrier account information or follow onscreen instructions. You may be required to set up an account with the carrier.

The new carrier should be available almost immediately after you save your carrier settings and refresh the checkout page.



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