Going from a demo to a live store [NB]

Lightspeed eCom offers these subscriptions: Basic, Professional and Advanced. For an overview of the subscriptions on the left menu of the Back Office go to Settings > General Settings > Your subscription and click Compare plans.

Step 1: Choose your package

Have you found the subscription that matches your needs? You can activate it through Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > Your subscription in the left menu by clicking on Compare plan followed by clicking on Buy

Note: When you choose a package and complete all steps, you agree to a year contract.

Step 2: Enter your details

The contract requires personal information, which you have to enter here. It will not be listed on invoices sent to your customers.

Company information

  • Company nameEnter the name of your company here, as known to the CoC or tax authorities.
  • CoC number – Enter your CoC (Chamber of Commerce) number here. If you do not have a CoC number yet, you will first have to register with the Chamber of Commerce
  • VAT number – If you have a VAT registration with the IRS as an entrepreneur, you will receive a VAT number.
If you do not have a CoC and/or VAT number, choose the My company has not been registered yet option, listed above these input fields. Because your online store by definition has a trade objective, this implies an agreement on entrepreneurial terms. By ticking the option you agree to operating as an entrepreneur.
  • First name – Enter your first name here
  • Last name – Enter your (full) last name here
  • Select a gender – Select your gender (M/F) in the drop-down menu
  • Date of birth – Enter your birthdate here (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Street address- Enter the street name of your office or home address here
  • House number - Enter the number your office or home address here
  • Extension - Enter the number suffix here
  • Zip code - Enter the postal code of your office or home address here
  • City - Enter the city of your office or home address here
  • Select a country – Select the appropriate country for your address in the drop-down menu

Payment information

  • Account holder – Account holder name. It must match the account holder of the IBAN number.
  • IBAN – Enter your IBAN here, for example, NL99INGB0001234567
  • Swift / Bic - Each bank has a bank code for international payments. Enter the BIC of your bank.


A contract with Lightspeed eCom is a 1-year license. You can pay a monthly fee, or pay several months at once. If you opt for payment in advance, the entire amount will be deducted from your bank account at the beginning of the term. If you do not want a discount, the fee will be deducted each month. You can select your preferred payment method in the drop-down menu.

  • No discount – Every month you will pay the standard fee of your subscription package
  • 6 months (4%) – You pay the first 6 months in advance and the remainder of the year per month. This will ultimately result in a 4% discount on your 1-year license.
  • 12 months (8%) – You will pay your 1-year license in advance in full. This will ultimately result in a 8% discount on your 1-year license.
  • 24 months (16%) – You opt for a 2-year contract, to be paid in full in advance, with a 16% discount.
  • 36 months (24%) - You opt for a 3-year contract, to be paid in full in advance, with a 24% discount.

To complete your license activate the checkbox I agree with the terms and conditions and place your signature using your mouse. Are you not entirely satisfied with the result? Then click the Reset button at the top of the block. Is your signature is OK, check your information and click Confirm to activate your license. 

Good luck with your online store!

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