Viewing statistics [NB]

On the left menu of the Back Office click Statistics to view your eCom statistics. See at a glance how your online store is performing, including:

  • total turnover
  • average daily sales
  • number of unique visitors
  • average amount spent (the average of all paid orders).

Webshop chart

  • Visitors - daily total number of unique visitors.
  • Page views - daily total number of pages viewed.
  • Googlebot - total number of pages in your online store indexed by Google for the day. To help with Google indexing we recommend starting with a well-stocked online store, good descriptions and meta tags for each product.
  • Trend - average trend for the past week, used to forecast the number of visitors for the next period.

Turnover chart

  • Orders - total number of orders.
  • Revenue - total of all orders, paid and unpaid.
  • Paid - total of paid orders.
  • Trend - average trend for the past week, used to forecast the turnover for the next period.

To see a more detailed overview for a period, click the desired starting point and press the left mouse button while dragging to the end point. Click Show all at the right at the top of the screen to return to the full overview. The charts can display a maximum period of 24 months.

  • Average daily revenue - average of all orders: paid and awaiting payment, such as COD shipments.
  • Average order value - average of all paid orders.
  • Total revenue - total turnover, including unpaid invoices. Cancelled invoices are excluded from the calculation.
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