eCom platform limits [NB]

The eCom platform has limits that apply to all users. These limits are configured to guarantee speedy operation for all online stores on the platform.

Number of languages. This is a general limit. The number of languages you can add depends on your subscription. 9
Number of categories 2000
Custom sorting within a category Up to 199 products within a category
Files (through Tools > Files) 500 (max. 50MB in total)
Product - number of extra fields per product 20
Product – number of quantity discounts per product 10
Product – number of  images per product 10
Product – number of tags per product 25
Product – number of related products that can be added to one product 10
Number of filters 6
Number of values per filter 15
Product – number of filter values per product 25
Number of products per tag 500
Number of visible blog posts in Recent blog posts section 5
Number of visible gift wrappings in checkout 20
Number of product in wishlist 50
Number of discount rules 20
Number of redirects  25000
Number of KB on a page  640000
Snippets  25 
Number of products on the homepage 24
Note: These limits cannot be modified.
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