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Internal_ID This field will turn each product into a unique product or product variant. If each product is unique, make sure to provide a unique number for each row. If you have four products, of which three are variants (for example sizes S, M, L and XL but all referring to the same product), enter the same number for all four. The number is determined at your own discretion and may therefore have any desired value.  
Internal_Variant_ID The variant ID will be created here, which can also be used to group items in the Import Wizard. When editing products, these fields have already been completed. If you are importing new products, this field may be left blank. Note: These numbers cannot be used in back office searches.
Visible Configure a product’s visibility:
  • Hide [N]
  • Show [Y]
  • Show when in stock [S]
Example: S
Brand Enter the product brand here.
Supplier Enter the name of the product supplier here.
EN_Title_Short  Enter the product title/name here, which will be used in the category overview
EN_Title_Long Enter the long product title here. It will be used on the product page and is the H1 page header.
EN_Description_Short A short product description, which will be shown on the product page. Note: In some themes, this option cannot be used. 
EN_Description_Long A longer description, shown in the Information area on product pages.
EN_Variant The variant name. When importing or editing product options, multiple drop-down menus cannot be used. All variants are listed in a single menu.

For example: Size: 36, Color: Black.
EN_Canonical_Url  A canonical URL is a preferred version of pages with similar or identical content. If your online store contains pages that are very much alike or contain the same information, you can add a canonical URL here.
Price  Enter the current product price here, without a currency prefix, for example: 49.99  
Price_Old  Enter a price here if the product price has changed. For example, if the product was first sold for €49.99 and now for €39.99, enter 49.99 here.
Price_Cost  The purchase price of the product in question. It is not visible to your customers. Example: 29.99 
Price_Unit  Price per unit. 
Example: 29.99
Unit  The unit that matches to the price per unit. To see all available units, check the file added at the bottom of the screen. Example: Liter
Tax  The VAT rate, which must be entered as a decimal value, for example, 0.20 
Stock_Track  Tell the system whether it should keep track of your stock (N or Y). If you select Y, the system will check Stock_Disable_Sold_Out settings. 
Stock_Disable_Sold_Out Select here how you wish to track your stock:
  • Do not track (Enter an N with Stock_Track)
  • Track, deny purchases when out of stock [Y]
  • Track, allow purchases even when out of stock [N]
Example: N
Stock_Level  Number in stock for the product in question. Example: 100 
Stock_Min  The minimum number in stock for the product in question. For example, if you enter 10 here, the number in stock cannot reach a value lower than 10. If you have indicated that purchases are denied when a product is out of stock, customers can no longer order when the number in stock drops to 10.
Example: 0
Stock_Alert  Warning sent when the number in stock drops below the specified value. For example, if you enter 10 here, you will be notified that the number in stock for the product in question has dropped below 10. This notification is shown with an orange tick icon through SHOP > Products > Inventory in the left menu of the back office. 
Example: 10
Article_Code  The article number for the product in question.
Example: 254631
EAN  European Article Number (bar code: 13 digits)
Example: 87 10400 31114 0
SKU  Stock keeping unit, a unique code associated with an article. SKUs are unique codes associated with articles and used to identify product variants.
Example: 88765.123
Weight  The weight of the product in question. It is associated with its shipping method and costs. 
Volume  The product volume. This option only applies of you ship through Paazl.
Colli  The plural form of “collo” (package), i.e. the individual shipment packing unit. Configure this option if you require several units to ship a given product. The Colli option is only used in combination with Paazl.
Size_X  Enter the dimensions of the product in question here. They are only visible to customers when comparing products. (cm)
Matrix Use the Matrix option only if you ship through Paazl. Each matrix can have its own price group. For example, if a given product is very light in weight, but, due to its dimensions, requires large shipment packaging, you can use a different matrix compared to regular packages.
Data_01 Additional template data are used to specify certain elements of your online store at product level. What you enter here will depend on the connection terms entered in the Template Editor.
Buy_Min  The minimum number of the product in question that customers have to order.
Example: 1 
Buy_Max  The maximum number of the product in question that customers are allowed to order.
Example: 10
NL_Category_1  The main category name. This option cannot be edited and can only be used when importing new products. Example: Men
NL_Category_2 The subcategory name. This option cannot be edited and can only be used when importing new products.
Example: Trousers
NL_Category_3  The sub-subcategory name. This option cannot be edited and can only be used when importing new products.
Example: Shorts
NL_Meta_Title  The product title. The meta title is used as the link in search engines.
NL_Meta_Description  A description with a maximum of 160 characters and a natural flow of text (avoid merely putting words separated by commas). This text is shown underneath links in search results.
NL_Meta_Keywords  Keywords are words that describe core product characteristics. Here you can enter words separated by comma’s. Meta keywords are no longer used by Google. 
Images Enter (an) image URL(s) here. A URL should start with http:// of https://  and end with an image extension, for example, .jpg of .png. If you want to add more images to the product in question, separate the image URLs by commas. Example:
Tags  Enter product keywords or key sentences here. If you want to add multiple tags, separate them by commas. Example: Black shorts with flower print
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