Import wizard: New products [NB]

This page shows an overview of columns that can be connected to a variety of back office options.

Note: If you use different column names, or if certain columns are not included in the import sheet, this overview may vary. The left column is the import sheet column name, the right column the back office tool.

Behaviour Select New Products in the drop-down menu if you are importing new products.
Group by This option may be used at your own discretion. If you have used the sample sheet, you must group by Product_ID (Internal_ID). "Group by" implies that the system checks column content to determine which product is new and which one a variant of another product.


Internal_ID Product - Product ID --> This field will only be shown, if you have added the Internal_ID as a column. This field is not required. However, it can be used to sort (Group by). 
Visible Product - Visibility
Brand Product - Brand 
Supplier Product - Supplier


If you have added other interface languages to your back office, the language row will be expanded with them. For example, for France you will see FR_Title_short. 

NL_Title_Short Product - Title - English
NL_Title_Long  Product - Full title - English
NL_Description_Short Product - Description - English 
NL_Description_Long Product - Content - English 
NL_Variant Variant - Title - English

Price Variant - Price
Price_Old Variant - Price old incl
Price_Cost Variant - Price cost
Price_Unit Variant - Unit price
Unit Variant - Price old 
Tax Variant - Tax

Stock_Track   Variant - Inventory tracking enabled 
Stock_Disable_Sold_Out Variant - Inventory allow backorders 
Stock_Level Variant - Inventory level 
Stock_Alert  Variant - Inventory warning level
Stock_Min Variant - Inventory minimum 


Article_Code Variant - Article code
EAN  Variant - EAN 
SKU  Variant - SKU
Weight  Variant - Weight 
Volume  Variant - Volume 
Colli  Variant - Colli 
Size_X  Variant - Width (Size X) 
Size_Y Variant - Width (Size Y)
Size_Z Variant - Width (Size Z) 
Matrix  Matrix 


Data_01  Product - Data 01 
Data_02  Product - Data 02 
Data_03 Product - Data 03 


Buy_Min Variant - Minimum quantity
Buy_Max Variant - Maximum quantity



NL_Category_1 Product - Category 1 - English
NL_Category_2 Product - Category 2 - English
NL_Category_3 Product - Category 3 - English
NL_Meta_Title Product - Meta title - English 
NL_Meta_Description  Product - Meta description - English 
NL_Meta_Keywords  Product - Meta keywords - English

Images Product - images 
Tags Product - Tags



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