Lightspeed eCom App Store [NB]

Many online retailers want to link their online store with other software suites they use, such as accounting, email marketing and fulfillment packages. To facilitate the above, Lightspeed eCom has its own App Store. The apps offered are actually links between the online store and external software and developed by Lightspeed partner businesses. Prices of links vary, depending on their complexity. Navigate to WEBSITE > Apps > App store in the left menu of the back office. 

Purchased apps

Navigate to WEBSITE > Apps > Purchased apps in the left menu of the back office. Here you will find an overview of the apps you have purchased. Payments are either one-off or recurring, this is noted in the column 'recurring': yes or no. Apps/themes are purchased for the minimum period of 1 month, rounded in whole months and can be cancelled monthly. Below table describes the meaning of different statuses.

  • Active - the app/theme is installed and will possibly be billed.
  • Cancelled - the app/theme is de-installed, but may possibly be billed one more time due to monthly cancellation.
  • Expired - the app/theme is de-installed and will not be billed anymore.
If an app is cancelled immediately after installation (within 12 hours), no charges will be made to your account. However, if installation took place more than 12 hours ago, the entire month will be charged to your account.
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