Troubleshooting "Invalid username or password" errors [NB]

If customers receive an “Invalid username or password” notification when logging into their accounts for your online store, there are two possible causes.

Incorrectly entered login details

Ask them to check whether their credentials are entered correctly. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Payment made as a guest

The other possibility is that they placed an order as a guest. When this happens a customer file is created in the Back Office, but not a customer account. When this happens:

  1. Customers will first have to register with the same email address they placed an order with. The guest account will automatically be converted to a registered customer account.
  2. If they click Forgot password? they will receive an e-mail containing a password reset link, enabling them to create a new password, which they can use to log in. The guest account will be automatically converted to a customer account.
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