Managing your blog [NB]

After you publish your blog you can manage it by approving your readers' comments and adding tags.

To approve comments

When readers submit comments to your blog and you have configured your blog so that you must approve comments go to Blogs > Comments.

To approve a comment click it and choose the Has this comment been approved checkbox.

To respond to a comment click Respond to customer.

To simultaneously delete several comments choose the comments you want to delete and from Bulk actions choose Delete selected comment.

Adding tags

You can add tags to your blog posts, and so can your customers. Tags are keywords that describe your blog posts. To manage on the left menu of the Back Office click Blogs and select the Tags tab. Tags created by readers become visible after you approve them.

To delete your blog

Note: If you delete a blog, all associated articles are removed as well. If you want to keep any articles, copy them to a Word document, for example.

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Blogs.
  2. Choose the blog and from the Bulk Actions menu select the Delete selected blogs. You can also open the blogand click Delete this blog at the bottom left.
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