Processing returns [NB]

If a product is returned, you can create a return shipment and credit invoice for its order. Note: If customers request a new replacement product, manually create a new order.

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Orders > Returns and click the return you want to work with.
  2. Click Create return. If you are processing the order immediately you can change the status to Products credited.
  3. Click the order number.

  4. In the Payment section click Create credit memo and reimburse the customer the amount owed.
  5. On the left menu click Invoices and set the credit invoice to Paid.
  6. On the left menu click Returns.

  7. Click the return shipment and edit it. 


    • New - Standard status of every new return.
    • Pending – Use this to show the return is in process.
    • Authorized – Use this if you have received returned products but have not yet shipped them. This lets you know that the return is ready to process.
    • Repaired – Use this if customers return a products and receive another in return, or if a product needs to be repaired.
    • Refunded – Use this if a return shipment has been processed and the customer has been reimbursed.
    • Rejected – Use this if goods are returned that do not comply witn your return conditions, such as product that cannot be returned, because of incorrect or inappropriate use.
    • Cancelled – Use this if a return shipment is no longer valid.

Return reason - Choose a reason why the product is returned. You can also create a return reason.

Return action – Enter the action, for example, exchanging a t-shirt for a larger-sized one. You can also create a return action.

Customer comments – Enter the customer's comments about the return. It will be visible only to you and other Back Office users.

Staff note – If your online store is managed by several users, you can add an internal note for them.

Is Stock Adjusted – Select whether to add the returned product to inventory. Do not add the product if, for example, it is faulty.

Notify customer – Use this to email the customer about the return status. To create the text of this email go to Settings and from WEBSITE SETTINGS choose Notification emails.

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