Editing invoices [NB]

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Orders > Invoices. An overview is displayed of all of your store's invoices and credit invoices, sorted by the date they were created, invoice amount, and the date they were paid.
  2. To modify an invoice click it. You can enter its status and delivery time.

  • Status - Change the status of an order. If a credit invoice has been processed, you can set the status to Paid or Not paid. For a standard invoice you can change the status from Unpaid to Paid.
  • Notify customer when status changes - Notify the customer about the changes.
  • Add custom text about the delivery time to the invoice - This text will listed below Delivery time, for example, 2 weeks.

Save your changes by clicking Save. If you want to send the changes to the customer, resend the invoice by clicking Resend notification. Open the invoice by clicking Print invoice. 

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