Add quantity discounts to products [NB]

With quantity discounts, the more of an item a customer purchases, the cheaper the item becomes. You can configure quantity discounts per product variant or for an entire product group. You can also offer a variety of quantity discounts per product variant.

Note: Quantity discounts require Advanced and higher packages.
Note: The discount is applied for the quantity you set. You can create different quantity discounts for different amounts of a product.

To create a quantity discount

  1. In the left menu of Back Office go to Products and choose the product you want to work with.
  2. In the Quantity Discounts area click Add discount and configure the discount. 

    • Quantity - Quantity customers have to order to receive a discount.
    • Price/percentage - To give a price discount, enter the discounted price customers will pay per item. To give a percentage discount enter the percentage you are discounting each item by. You cannot choose both options. 
    • Variant - If you want to discount variants of the product, choose the variants the discount applies to. If you have product variants with different prices, create a quantity discount for each variant.
    • Customer group - You can offer a quantity discount to all of your customers, or a select group, such as your loyal customers, or when a certain amount is spent monthly. Does the quantity discount apply to a specific group of customers only? If so, navigate to SHOP > Customers in the left menu of the back office and create the group in the Customer groups tab.
    • Price/percentage - You can set a quantity discount of a price or a percentage, linked to the Price/percentage field.
    • Valid from/Expires at - Choose the time period for the discount.
  3. Save your changes.
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