Configuring checkouts [NB]

Control how your customers check out by choosing and configuring a checkout type. You can also run several checkouts at the same time so that you can run an A/B test to determine the most efficient checkout.

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from PAYMENT SETTINGS choose Checkout.
  2. In the Configuration area choose the checkout you want to configure.

Multi step checkout
The multi step checkout comes with your theme by default. This checkout has four steps:

  1. Enter data
  2. Choose shipping method
  3. Select payment method
  4. Receive confirmation.

Each step is shown on a separate page. 

One page checkout

With the one page checkout, all of the checkout options are displayed on one page. After a customer enters data the screen automatically scrolls to the next step.

One step checkout

The one step checkout has all the steps on one page. After a customer completes a step, the next one becomes visible.


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