Checkout steps [NB]

After you have stocked your online store and set up payment methods, your customers can buy products. After clicking Buy now they will be taken to the checkout area of your online store, which consists of four steps:

1. Managing customer data

When customers have not yet logged in, they will be taken to a login screen. Here they can enter their email address and password. They also have the option to login with their Facebook account, if you have ticked the social login check box.

If customers do not have an account with your online store yet, they can either register first by clicking the Register button, login when they have finished the registration process and continue shopping, or click Buy as a guest. After logging in or buying as a guest customers will be taken to the data page. Here they have to enter data such as name, address and all other fields you have set as required. Required and/or optional fields can be configured in the Name and address area of the Advanced page, by navigating to SYSTEM > Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > GENERAL > Tab Advanced in the left menu of the back office.

2. Shipping methods

The next step is indicating shipping costs. What customers will see here depends on the shipping methods created through SYSTEM > Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Shipping Methods in the left menu of the back office. If no shipping method(s) is/are displayed, it may have three reasons:

  1. You have not created any shipping methods through SYSTEM > Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Shipping Methods in the left menu of the back office.
  2. No shipping method exists for the country of origin. Per individual shipping method you have to configure the countries for which it is valid.
  3. Weights have not been set up properly. Shipping methods work with weights. If an individual product or products together fall outside the weight class of a given shipping method, customers will not be able to select it.

3. Payment methods

The next step is indicating the payment method. The methods listed are the ones you have activated through SYSTEM > Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Shipping Methods. in the left menu of the back office. Make sure all settings are configured properly, before offering a given payment method in your online store.

4. Order confirmation

The final step is order confirmation. In it, customers can place comments visible to you on the dashboard of the order in question. In addition, customers will have to accept your general terms and conditions, before they can place orders and subscribe to your newsletter.

If customers have chosen a payment method that involves immediate payment, such as Paypal, they will be taken to the payment environment of the payment service provider (PSP) in question upon clicking Buy now. After payment is completed, customers will be shown a Thank you page, which you can create through WEBSITE > Content > Pages in the left menu of the back office.

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