Adding brands [NB]

Create brands and associate products with them so that customers can filter products by brand in your online store.

To add a brand

  1. On the left panel of Back Office go to SHOP > Products > Brands.
  2. At the top of the screen click Add brand.
  3. In the Title field enter the name of the brand.
  4. In the Content box enter a description for the brand. The description will appear under Brands on the overview page in your online store.
  5. Tick the checkbox next to Include in Catalog to make the make visible in your store.
  6. Save your changes.

You are then redirected to a page where you can edit the brand. Click Browse to add an image. The image is displayed on the product and the brand category pages.

You can add .jpg, .jpeg, .png and non-animated .gifs.

To add a brand to a product

  1. On the left panel of Backoffice go to SHOP > Products > Products and select the product you want to work with.
  2. From Product content select a brand from the drop down menu and save your changes.

To show or hide brands

Brands automatically appear in the main navigation of some of the theme. If you do not want this, you can disable the functionality. 

  1. On the left panel of Backoffice go to Design > Customize Theme.
  2. Scroll to Features and turn the Brands switch on or off.
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