Adding products [NB]

Without products to sell, there's no use in starting an online store. Although stocking your store will take some time, but is absolutely worth the effort. Products can be created through SHOPS > Products > Products  in the left menu of the back office.

There are two ways or adding products:

  1. Add a product manually
  2. Add a product using the import tool

To add products

  1. On the Backoffice left panel click Products.
  2. At the top of the screen click Add a product.

    • Title - Short description of the product that will be displayed when customers browse the product in your online store.
    • Full title - Longer description, displayed on the product details page.
    • Description - Short product description that can provide additional information. Note: Depending on your chosen theme, this description may not be visible in product pages in your online store. If you do not enter SEO data, this field will also be used as a meta description by search engines. SEO data can be entered further down on this page.
    • Price - Price that customers will pay for the product.
    • Quantity - Number of items in stock for each product. The quantity is modified automatically when the product is ordered.
    • Visible - Select whether products will be visible in your online store.
      • Always visible - The product is always visible whether it is in stock or not.
      • Visible when in stock - The product is visible only when it is in stock.
      • Hidden - The product is not visible in your online store.
  3. Click on Save at the right at the top of the screen to create the product. 

To import products

Is your product range available digitally, in Excel or a different .csv format? Then you can save valuable time by importing your products. To do so, navigate to SYSTEM > Tools > Import in the left menu.

To edit products

For how to edit a product or add additional information such as tags, variants and meta data, go to Managing products.

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