Creating specifications [NB]

You can create specifications that are displayed in the Specifications tab of product pages. For example, Washing instructions: Machine wash and dry on low heat.

Specifications are not available in every theme.

To create specifications

  1. On the left menu of Back Office go to SHOP > Products > Specifications and at the top of the screen click Add specification.
  2. Add a Title and click Save. The title is not visible to customers and is used to link to products.

  3. Click the specification you created and click Add new to add attributes.

  4. In the Title field enter the name of the attribute. For example, if you sell phones you can create attributes such as Camera, Color and Dimensions.
  5. In the Default value field enter a value for the attribute. You can modify this value for individual products.

To add specifications to products

  1. On the left menu of Back Office go to Products and select the product you want to work with.
  2. In the Specifications area select the specification and save your changes.

  3. Select the specification from the list and Save your changes. 

The specifications you have entered will now be visible in your online store, in the product page using the Specs tab and will be displayed as follows. :

Mega pixels: 16 
Size: 4.2 inch
Color: Black.


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