Internationalizing your store [NB]

Take your online store international! Configure the languages you support, currencies you display prices in and countries that you accept orders from.

To internationalize your store

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from Shop Settings choose Shop Country.


With Lightspeed eCom you can offer a number of languages in your online store. If you choose more than one language, visitors can pick their language by clicking the flag menu at the top of your online store. The number of languages you can configure depends on your eCom plan.

For each language you add you enter the store data for the new language: product names and descriptions, text pages, category descriptions and headlines.

To add a language

  1. Click Add a language, select the new language and click Add. The new language is be added but not immediately activated. This prevents products and other options from being displayed online before you enter the new information.

Each of your languages is shown with its status. If a language is listed as Inactive, you can activate it by clicking its button. The default language is used as the Back Office language, which you see, for example, when you edit a product. If you want to switch languages, click the Default button for language you want to activate.

The default language is the language visitors see when they visit your store. The language automatically adopts itself to the browser settings. If your browser's language is English, your online store is automatically displayed in English if you have added this language.


You can enable visitors from other countries to display the prices in your online store in their own currency. eCom performs an automatic conversion, based on current exchange rates. 

Note: The prices for a foreign currency are automatically converted according to the current exchange rate. You cannot enter prices per currency.

If you add new currencies, they are displayed as an option at the top of your online store. How they are displayed depends on your store template.

To add a currency

  1. In the Currencies area click Add a currency. Choose a currency and click Add.

It is possible to change the default currency from USD into another one, however, you cannot do this yourself. You must contact Lightspeed to ensure the prices in your online store are accurately converted to your chosen currency. This applies only to changing the default currency.


You can set which countries you will accept orders from. Your customers can select the country where they live, and countries that you do not accept orders from are not displayed. If you do not select any countries, you will automatically receive orders worldwide, so we recommend that you select at least one country.

Important: Make sure that you configure your shipping methods for the countries you accept orders from, or customers will not be able to place orders. See Configuring shipping methods.

To add a country

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Change country selection, select the countries you want to accept orders from and save your changes.

The default language for entering checkout data is based on a customer’s IP address. If they originate from the USA, it is set to the United States.

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