Course starting your online store and webinars

Online seminars, also called webinars, are lectures or presentations that can be followed / attended on a location of your choosing, using a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. SEOshop webinars are divided into two categories:


Especially for our newest customers we provide the opportunity to participate in SEOshop Successions, a free webinar subdivided into two parts. During the course, we will focus on back office operation and a variety of marketing channels, that can be deployed both online and offline. After the webinar you can ask questions.


For experienced online retailers we will host a monthly webinar, in collaboration with our partners. This webinar will feature a new theme each month. Each webinar will be published on the SEOshop website afterwards.

Register for our webinars through the SEOshop website. Note: The number of applications is limited!

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