Invoices excluding VAT

If your company is operating outside of the Netherlands, you are eligible to SEOshop invoicing you excluding VAT (VAT reverse charge). Two conditions need to be met, after which SEOshop invoices will automatically be exempt of tax. Navigate to MY ACCOUNT > Invoices in the left menu of the back office, click the Administration tab and check the following conditions:

  1. Make sure your company address is filled in correctly, it should contain a country other than the Netherlands.
  2. In the same screen, you need to set a correct VAT number. The VAT number needs to start with the two-character country code of the country you are operating from. Do not use any spaces in your VAT number. The digits following the two-character country code should be placed immediately after the country code.

Note: Due to VAT legislation, we are not able to refund VAT over past invoices where we did not yet have proper VAT data.

Please be aware, that you are still responsible for correct VAT application to the tax authorities in your country.
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