Return shipments added by customers

You can manually enter returned goods through the SEOshop back office. Customers can request a return shipment through their account. The steps below will demonstrate how customers configure a return shipment. Note: The images shown may vary from the theme that you have chosen.

Customers must be registered in order to submit return shipments. If they place orders as guests, they will have to register with the same e-mail address to convert their guest account into a customer account.

Step-by-step plan for customer return shipments

  1. Customers log in to their account in your online store.
  2. They will be taken to a page listing their recent orders. Now they can click View next to the order of which they want to return products. 
  3. This will take them to the overview of the order in question, where they can click Return products at the right at the bottom to create the return shipment. This wil redirect them to a page where they can configure the return shipment. The first step is to indicate which product(s) will be returned. This can be done by specifying a number in the drop-down menu. Products they wish to keep are left to zero (0).
  4. The next step is indicating why the products in question are returned. Customers can choose a reason and a corresponding action in the return shipment Reason or Actions tab, which you created through CATALOG > Returns in the left menu, or they can select the “Other, namely…”. The latter option enables customers to enter a reason or action themselves.
  5. Subsequently they can click Submit at the right at the bottom.

Processing return shipments

New return shipments will enter your SEOshop back office through CATALOG > Returns in the left menu. The number of new return shipments is displayed next to it in the menu.

  1. Navigate to CATALOG > Returns in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Click the return shipment you want to process. A pop-up window will now open, where you can configure several options. Check CATALOG > Returns for an explanation of the available options. 
  3. Reason return shipment – This field lists the reason why customers have returned the products in question. 



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