Send a payment reminder to the customer

Payment reminders are automatically sent if the customer status is set to Payment pending. You can configure when these automatic e-mail messages are sent.

  1. Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > General > Advanced in the left menu of the back office and click the Administration tab at the right at the top of the screen.
  2. You can send a maximum of four payment reminders. Tick the check box next to the reminder in question to activate it.
  3. Next to each payment reminder you will see a drop-down menu, where you can select the time period upon order placement after which a reminder will be sent. You cannot configure a custom time period yourself, you have to select one from the menu, ranging from one hour to 40 days.
  4. Repeat this process for the remaining activated payment reminders.
  5. Click Save at the right at the bottom of the screen.

Payment reminders are send to customers by mail

  1. Go to SERVICE > E-mails & texts in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Click E-mail » Order payment notification.
  3. Enter the e-mail text in the Contents English area
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