Make a partial delivery per order

If the Create drop-down menu in the Administration tab (reachable through GENERAL > Settings > Advanced in the left menu) lists Immediately in the Invoices section, an invoice and packing note will be created straightaway. If you still want to configure a partial shipment, you must cancel the packing note and create a new one.

  1. Navigate to the order for which you want to configure the partial shipment in CATALOG > Orders in the left menu of the back office. This will take you to the order dashboard. 
  2. In the order dashboard you will find the packing note. Click the blue i icon next to it. 
  3. A pop-up window will open, where you can change the packing note status. Choose Cancelled in the Status drop-down menu and click Change shipment at the right at the bottom.
  4. Next to the cancelled order the Create shipment button now appears. Click it to create the first packing note.
  5. A new pop-up window will open, where you can select the products for the first shipment at the right at the top. Select the numbers in the drop-down menus. Set products that are not included in this shipment to zero (0).
  6. Click Add shipment at the right at the bottom to add the first packing note. Repeat this process until all products are included in a packing note. 
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