Consequence of installing a new theme

You may change the theme of your online store whenever you so desire, but do keep the following things in mind:

  • All settings configured through GENERAL > Design > General > Settings in the left menu of the back office will be replaced by the default settings of the new theme. We recommend to meticulously copy all color settings and suchlike, for they cannot be retrieved afterwards.
  • All modifications made using the Template Editor will be lost. The code in the Template Editor will be replaced by the code of the new theme. If you have added certain codes, make sure to store them before the switch. Old codes cannot be retrieved afterwards.
  • If you have made certain agreements that include a free template with your subscription, you have to notify us when you switch to a paid theme. Note: Your choice is limited to SEOshop themes only.
Note: You only pay for the theme that you are using. For example, if you previously has a theme with a monthly fee of €12.50 and switch over to a theme that costs €10, you will pay a monthly fee of €10 after installing it.
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