Disable automatic emails

You can stop automatic e-mail messages by leaving all e-mail fields blank.

  1. Navigate to SERVICE > E-mails & texts in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Open the e-mail you want to disable, for example, Customer approval
  3. Remove the text in the Title and Contents field.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
Note: pay attention to the e-mail messages you disable! You may think that a certain e-mail messages are unnecessary, however, customers may perhaps expect them.

It is recommended not to disable the e-mail messages listed below:

  • Customer approved - If you own a B2B store. Otherwise, customers will not receive an e-mail that their request has been approved. They might be inclined to think it was rejected.
  • Newsletter double opt-in - If you want your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. They will have to confirm their subscription through the confirm URL listed in this e-mail message (key).
  • Notify customer - If you want to send customers a message with the Notify customer button, which, among others, can be found on the order dashboard.
  • Offer - If you use the back office to create offers for your customers. They will not receive e-mail messages containing the offers.
  • Order cancelled + credit note - To ensure customers receive a credit invoice if it has been created for them.
  • Order confirmation - To notify customers that order placement was successful.
  • Order sent - To notify customers that their package is on its way.
  • Order track and trace - If you use Track & Trace codes. Otherwise, this e-mail message will never be sent.
  • Account password - To ensure that customers receive an e-mail if they have forgotten their password.  
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