Findability in Google

The number of people that visit your online store depends on your visibility in Google. Are you already using the tools listed below?

  • Metatags - Have you entered correct data( through GENERAL > Settings > General > Website in the left menu of the back office, using words by which you wish to be found in search engines?
  • Metatags products and categories - Make sure to provide clear descriptions and names to products and categories. Go deep into the mind(s) and heart(s) of your target audience(s). Which search terms will visitors likely use?
  • Tags - Have you added three to five tags to all of your products? Use tags to describe a given product with just a few keywords. For example, when you sell a size L men's T-shirt, the men's fashion, T-shirt and size L tags describe your product and will help increase its visibility.
  • Unique content - Have you provided unique texts everywhere? Avoid using texts provided by your suppliers. You will probably not be the only one out there. The more unique content you have, the better. You don't have to write an elaborate story. The main thing is, that the text as a whole not already exists in Google.
  • Feedback/reviews - Feedback provided by feedback companies such as KiyOh and The Feedback Company and reviews in your online store provide additional unique content. The star ratings of the feedback companies also affect your rank within Google.
  • Link building - How often does your URL appear in relevant external pages? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be divided in internal and external optimization. The internal part involves the structure of your online store, its title and keywords used. External optimization involves external URLs referring to your online store (inbound URLs). An online store with few inbound URLs is considered to be less important than an online store that has many.
  • Promote - Use social media to your advantage. Make sure that people know you, talk about you and look for you online.

Except for the feedback companies, all tools mentioned above are free of charge. Another paid option is Google Adwords, which will list your online store in paid search results.

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