Add images to a product

Good product photos are essential to the success of your online store. Make sure they are razor-sharp and visually appealing, this will increase your opportunities to create turnover. Therefore devote ample time and attention to the selection process. Preferably use square/rectangular images with the highest possible resolution, this will provide better results when customers zoom in on products and offer you the opportunity to optimally present your product range.

Do not hesitate to ask your suppliers for new pictures if images provided do not meet your quality standards.

Adding images

The maximum number of images you can add is 10. This limit cannot be changed. 
  1. Navigate to the product overview page through CATALOG > Products in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Select a product you would like to add an image to and click the Images tab in the corresponding product.
  3. Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to add an image. A pop-up window with an icon appears. Click it to open a new window, with which you can browse for images on the hard drive of your computer or externally connected storage media.
  4. Click on a desired image to add it. Would you like to add several images from the same file location? Then keep the Ctrl key pressed during selection.
  5. Subsequently click Open to add the selected image(s) to the product in question.

Are you adding several pictures and would you like to change their order? Move your cursor over an image, click the drag icon at the right at the top of the image and change the order by dragging it.

Dimension product images

Note: The maximum image size is 5 MB. The following pixel limits apply (depending on the theme you have chosen):
Absolut 1024px x 1024px
Ahead 374px x 374px
AMAseo 1000px x 1000px
Amsterdam 260px x 255px
Atik 360px x 320px
Blueprint premium 900px x 900px
Botein 260px x 340px
Boutique 260px x 225px
Castor 290px x 290px
Conform 800px x 1024px
Delta 800px x 800px
Delta Responsive 800px x 800px
DG Responsive 570px x 665px
Dresser 440px x 600px
Electronics responsive 600px x 600px
Essentials 709px x 1024px
Fashionshop 494px x 299px
Flat Responsive 800px x 1000px
Fushion 800px x 600px
Instijl Media 335px x 335px
Playful 1500px x 1500px
Sailor 350px x 350px
SEOMATIC Classic 690px x 250px
SneakerZshop 400px x 400px
Standaard 1500px x 1000px
The Bridge Responsive 450px x 450px
Vice 920px x 720px
Webshophelpers 430px x 430px

Deleting images

You can delete images by clicking them. A blue surrounding frame appears. Subsequently click the Delete selected button at the right at the bottom of the screen to permanently delete the selected image(s).

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