General settings of a product

At CATALOG > Products > Product > tab General can enter product meta tags and link a variety of options. Make sure to complete fields carefully, this will drive higher rankings in search results of search engines.

  • Visibility - Select here when products will be visible in your online store.
  • Brand - Link products to a brand here. To do so, first create the brand in question through CATALOG > Brand in the left menu of the back office.
  • Supplier - Link products to suppliers here. They are not displayed in your online store. To link suppliers, you will first have to create them in the left menu of the back office, through CATALOG > Suppliers.
  • Type - Link specifications here. They will be displayed with products in your online store in the Specs tab. Before linking specifications, they first will have to be created in the left menu of the back office, through CATALOG > Specifications. Note: Specifications also have to be saved using the Specs tab.
  • Product options - Do you want to show several variants of products, such as color and size, each with their own inventory management? If so, use product option sets. You can create them in the left menu of the back office, through CATALOG > Product options and subsequently link them. Continue by adding the options in question in the Prices & Stock tab, using the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. They may be separately edited afterwards.
  • Delivery time - Enter anticipated delivery time of products here, to notify your customers when they may expect their order. Delivery times may be entered through GENERAL > Settings > Delivery times in the left menu of the back office. Delivery times are associated with the stock. You can assign different values to the In stock and Not in Stock fields. Delivery times are displayed on the product pages of your online store.


Here you can enter meta tags of individual products in the languages available in your online store. Do this meticulously, meta tags are used by search engines and play an important role in the visibility of the product in question and your online store.

  • Title - A short description of the product in question. It will be displayed with a product in categories where the product has been added.
  • Long title - A longer description, displayed on product pages.
  • Description - Enter descriptions of products here, as they should appear underneath the link in search results of search engines. Provide a clear and concisely-phrased text (with a maximum of 160 characters, including spaces), that invites people to visit your site. 
    Have you filled in the description in the SEO tab, then this field will not be used by search engines.
  • Contents - Tell your customers more about a particular product. This information can be read in the Information tab on the corresponding product page. Avoid descriptions provided by suppliers, use a text you have drafted yourself. Unique content is important, it increases the visibility of the product in question and your online store.

Custom template data

Custom template data are used to determine certain elements at product level within your online store. For example to highlight new products in your store by displaying a "New" label.

You can activate this option by ticking the check box next to Settings > General > Workflow > Custom template data, after which you will see three custom data fields at product level. Navigate to CATALOG > Products. Select a product and scroll down to the Custom template data section. In the Data 01 field for example, you can enter the label "New", to indicate that the product in question is a new addition to your range. 

You can now modify graphical rendering in the Template Editor.

Note: This requires in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS!
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