Company data for on the invoices

Enter/modify contact or bank information of your company here. In the back office the following fields will be displayed:

  • Name - The name you have chosen for your online store.
  • CEO/managing director - Your name or the name of the owner of the company.
  • CoC number - The Chamber of Commerce registration number.
  • Registered at - The registered office of the company.
  • VAT number - The VAT number of the company
  • National Identification Number - The social security number/health insurance number of the owner of the company
  • Phone number - The phone number of your online store.
  • Fax number - The fax number of your online store.
  • Logo - This is the logo displayed in email messages, it replaces the default SEOshop logo. Click Edit to upload; The logo size on invoices is 400 x 220 pixels. Using this format, the logo is automatically downscaled to 220 x 100 for e-mail messages and packing notes.

The logo displayed on your website can be modified in the back office (Navigate to GENERAL > Design & Layout > Settings and scroll to Header).

Note: You can only charge VAT if you state a valid VAT number on your invoices.

Email addresses

  • General - Enter the email address which will receive messages sent through the customer service page here.
  • Service - Enter the primary email address for communication with your customers here. It is the address they will get to see with the confirmation of a placed order, usually
Note: Customers have the opportunity to respond to emails sent from this address. Confirmation of sent messages will also be sent from this address.


  • Street name & number - Enter the street name and number of your office here.
  • Zip code & city - Enter the zip code and city of your office here.
  • Province / region & country - Enter the province/region and country of your office here.


  • Bank name - Enter the name of the bank your online store is connected to.
  • Account holder - Enter the name of the account holder here.
  • Account number - Enter the account number here.
  • Bank location - Enter the location of your bank here.
  • Bank code number - Enter the code of your bank here.
  • IBAN - Enter your IBAN code here. IBAN is an acronym for International Bank Account Number. It consists of 18 characters (digits and alphabet characters) and includes your current bank account number. For example, the IBAN code of Rabobank bank account number 123456789 is NL44 RABO 0123 4567 89.
  • SWIFT / BIC - The BIC code has a length of 8 or 11 alphanumerical characters with the structure BBBBCCLLbbb or BBBBCCLL, representing the following variables:
    • BBBB - Bank code (four character positions, chosen at the discretion of the institution in question)
    • CC - Country code (two character positions, in compliance with the ISO 3166-1 standard)
    • LL - city code (two alphanumerical characters)
    • bbb - Branch or department number (three alphanumerical characters)
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