Upload files

Through TOOLS > Files in the left menu of the back office you can add all kinds of files to your online store. Think of images for text areas, PDF documents, videos etc. Files are arranged by their file type in several tabs, which you will find at the right at the top of the screen. Their URLs are protected with a secure SSL connection, indicated by the https:// prefix. It is not necessary to add product images to files. You can add them to the product in question.

Uploading files

  1. Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to upload a file on the hard drive of your computer.
  2. A pop-up window opens. Click it to browse through your folders with files.
  3. Locate the file you wish to upload and click Open to add it.

You can download files by clicking the blue arrow icon next to them.

To import a file, you do not have to click the appropriate tab first. The system arranges files automatically.

Adding files to a text

A menu is listed above every text area (such as contents with products and e-mail messages). You will need it to add images and documents.

Adding images

  1. Click Insert/Edit Image (the tree icon in the text area menu). You will find this icon at the bottom row, below the spyglass icon.
  2. A pop-up window opens. In the first field you will have to enter the Image URL, the URL associated with the image in question. Next to the input field, you will see an icon. Click it to add (an) image(s) from the back office (Files).
  3. A new pop-up window will open, containing the images you have added through the back office. Click green plus icon next to the image you wish to add.
  4. Upon doing so, the image link will be added to the Image URL field in the first pop-up window. Click Insert to add the image to the text area.

Adding documents

  1. Enter a line like Click here for the PDF file in the text area.
  2. Select the text.
  3. The Insert/Edit Link button will now appear in the text area menu (the chain icon at the right at the bottom). Click it to open the Insert/Edit Link pop-up window.
  4. You can add a document link to the Link URL field, or click the icon next to the input field.
  5. Clicking the icon will open a new pop-up window, where you can click the Documents tab. If you do not see it listed, maximize the pop-up window to fit the entire screen.
  6. In the Documents tab, click the green plus icon next to the document you wish to add. This will add the document link to the Link URL field in the first pop-up window.
  7. Select Open in a New Window in the Target drop-down menu.
  8. Enter the name of the PDF file in the Title field.
  9. Click Insert at the left at the bottom. The Click here for the PDF file line now has become a link to the file in question.
Note: You can upload a maximum of 500 files, up to total maximum of 50 MB. The maximum file size for a single file is limited to 5 MB.
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