With bpost Shipping Manager you can offer customers in Belgium to choose from Bpost delivery scenarios. Bpost Shipping Manager is especially interesting if you are an online retailer located in Belgium, or when you have a distribution agency there, in addition to Belgian clientele. Bpost Shipping Manager can also be deployed for shipments abroad from Belgium, Bpost collaborates with 220 other countries and regions.

Would you like to offer bpost Shipping Manager as a shipment option to your customers? To do so, you will first have to enter into an agreement with Bpost. After signing the contract, you can configure the associated shipping options through the back office of your online store.

Bpost delivery scenarios

When your customers opt for Bpost, they can choose from three delivery scenarios in the checkout area of your online store:

  1. BPACK@HOME - Delivery at home/work.
  2. BPACK@bpost - A local Bpost pickup point. Your customers enter a street name, house number and ZIP code. A list with local pickup points will appear, displayed on a zoomable map. Bpost collaborates with approx. 1100 pickup points in Belgium, where customers can pickup their package.
  3. BPACK@24/7 - Delivery through a package machine. Your customers may choose this option if they do not wish to be restrained to opening hours of local pickup points. Package machines are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers may use this service free of charge, the only thing they have to do is register online beforehand.

After completing the input window, customers will be returned to the checkout process.

Currently it is not possible to create Bpack Business shipments in the SEOshop back office. Bpack Pro is used instead. We and bpost are looking for an appropriate solution to yet offer Bpack Business. Bpack Business customers have to use the bpack@HOME settings and manually create shipments with bpost. The barcode generated by bpost must be entered as the Track & Trace code for the order in question, which can be found through SALES > Orders in the left menu. If this is not done, the shipping discount that Bpack Business customers are entitled to will not be deducted

Bpost Shipping Manager configuration

Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Country settings > Bpost Shipping Manager in the left menu of the back office. Here you can configure the following settings:

  • Status - Tick the Activate check box when Bpost is fully configured, operational and thus usable by customers of your online store.
  • Account id & Pass phrase - These are your account data, as provide by Bpost. Enter them accurately and store them in a safe place.
  • Taxes - Enter the VAT rate that you charge on shipping costs here. If you do not see values listed in the drop-down menu, you will have to create them by navigating to GENERAL > Settings > Country settings > Tax in the left menu of the back office.
  • Free delivery from (Euro) - Enter the order mount (in Euro) here, from which you will not charge shipping costs to your customers. Do you always charge shipping costs? Then leave this field blank.

Track & Trace

It is possible to easily forward the bpost Track & Trace code to your customers. Within their e-mail they can automatically open the bpost eTracker page. For this, navigate to E-mails & texts in the left menu and open the “Order Track & Trace code” e-mail. Here you can place your own message text, which will be sent when customers are notified that a package was sent. You can adapt the text to your own preferences, using the WYSIWIG text editor. When you want to place the link somewhere, simply click the HTML button at the top and add the code below.

<a href="http://track.bpost.be/etr/light/performSearch.do?searchByItemCode=true&amp;itemCodes=[[ttcode]]">[[ttcode]]</a>

By default, the link will be included in your e-mail messages.

Shipping methods

  • Activate - Here you will find all previously mentioned Bpost options. Select which options will be available to customers in your online store by ticking the associated check box.
  • Number of pickup points in checkout - In step 2 of the checkout process customers can opt for a Bpost pickup point. These will be presented in an overview, containing a number of points in the vicinity of the address your customers have specified (in step 1). Here you can select how many pickup points will be displayed on-screen. Customers may choose a different point, if so desired. You can display a maximum of eight pickup points (the default value is five).
  • Choose delivery date – Activate this option if you want to provide the possibility to choose a specific delivery date. Customers then can specify the date on which they wish to receive the package.
  • Number of delivery dates shown – Here you can enter how many dates customer scan choose from. To use this function, you will have to activate the Choose delivery date The default (and maximum) value is 12.
  • Allow next day delivery – Enter the time for which you can still guarantee next day delivery. The default value is 15:00 hrs., which means that orders placed before 15:00 hrs. will be delivered the next day.
  • Days between order and delivery – Enter the number of days between order placement and actual delivery here. For example, if you enter 1, the order will be delivered 2 days later. If you enter 3, it will be delivered 3 days later etc. If you deliver products the next day, keep the number set to zero (0). This option is connected to the time specified with the Allow next day delivery.

Shipping address

Enter the address details of your company details here. It will be listed on the return shipment label, that customers can print in your bpost account.

Note: This should be an address in Belgium!

Price matrix

Enter the amount your customers will have to pay for shipping here. How this should be exactly done you can read on the Shipping methods page in this manual.

  • Weight from (gram)– Enter the minimum weight here, in grams per class.
  • Weight to (gram)- Enter the maximum weight here, in grams per class.
  • Price incl. VAT (Euro)– Enter the price per weight class here (in Euro).
  • Add row– By default each bpack option lists 3 weight classes, to which you can assign different prices. If you want to create additional weight classes, click +Add row below ech bpack option.
For bpack World you have to create weight classes and prices through GENERAL > Settings > Carrier prices in the left menu of the back office.  

Finally, check whether you have set the status of Bpost being available as a shipping method to active by ticking its associated check box and click Save. Your customers can now choose Bpost to pick up their orders or have them delivered at home/work.


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