Exporting data [NB]

Keep track of what's going on by exporting data from your online store. You can create exports of your orders, invoices and sales to monitor your sales data. You can also export all your orders or shipments to be handled by a fulfillment group. Or, for example, you can export all of your products at the same time to change their prices and images and then re-import them.

Data you can export


A product export contain product variants and information.

When you export product data this information is not included:

  • Specifications
  • Custom fields
  • Filters 
  • Quantity discounts
  • Related products
  • Product URLs 
  • Google categories
  • Index settings (Do not index function)
If you want to import changes to products, you can import the changes. In the left menu of the Back Office go to Tools > Import inventory. When you export your inventory, you export only the product and stock information. Options such as product images, categories and tags are not exported.
Orders Exports your order data. The order status is not included. All orders will be exported.
Shipment Exports packing note data to a .CSV file.
Invoices Exports invoice data to a .CSV file.
Sales Exports data for paid orders.
Customers Exports data for registered customers and guest accounts.
Filters Exports data for products to which you have assigned filters, including the filters and selected values. 
Redirects Exports redirect data. To configure redirects go to Settings > Redirects.
Newsletter subscriptions

Exports newsletter subscription data, which you can use in an e-mail marketing platform.

You cannot send newsletters from Lightspeed eCom. You require an integration with an external e-mail marketing platform, which you can choose yourself or find in the App Store.

To export data

  1. On the left menu of the Backoffice go to Tools > Exports.
  2. At the top of the screen click New export, choose what you want to export and click Export.
  3. The export appears as In progress. If you are exporting a large amount of data, the export can take several minutes. When the export is complete you  receive an email with a link to the export file.


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