An overview of all invoices

You can find an overview of all invoices and credit invoices sorted by their addition date through SALES > Invoices, in the left menu of the back office. You can sort at the right at the top of the screen, by clicking the Paid or Unpaid tabs. Per invoice you can now see when it was added and when it was paid. You can also see invoice amounts. Credit invoicing will have to be arranged through the bank where you have your corporate account.

Modifying invoices

You can modify invoices by clicking a desired invoice. A pop-up window will open, where you can enter its status and delivery time.

  • Status - Change the status of an order here. If a credit invoice has been processed, you may set the status to Paid or Not paid. When a normal invoice is concerned, you may change the status from Unpaid to Paid.
  • Delivery time on invoice - Enter a date here. Upon clicking the input field a calender window will automatically open, where you can enter the correct date. It will be printed on the invoice. .
  • Or a custom text - This text will replace the date listed below Delivery time. For example, you could enter "2 weeks" here.

Save your changes by clicking Edit Invoice. If you want to send the changes to the associated customer, resend the invoice in question by clicking Resend notification.

Note: You can open a given invoice by clicking the printer icon next to it.
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