Change your data on the invoice

Your invoice data registered with SEOshop can be found by navigating to
MY ACCOUNT > Invoices in the left menu and clicking the Invoice data tab. These data are invisible to your customers. Public data, visible to your customers, may be entered through GENERAL > Settings > Company in the left menu. 

Underneath the Contact information caption you can enter the data of the contact person of your online store. If we want to get in touch with you, we will contact the person mentioned here.

  • Contact person – our contact point for SEOshop.
  • Phone number – Enter a landline number here, if applicable.
  • Mobile – Enter your mobile number here.
  • E-mail - Enter the e-mail address through which we can reach you here. This may be a personal e-mail address.

Company details

Enter vital company data here. Without them, you cannot start a store through SEOshop. 

  • Company name - Enter the name of your company, as registered with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC).
  • Field - Select the line of business of your online store by clicking the drop-down menu and picking an item from the list. If your online store is active in several fields, pick the one being the most representative.
  • VAT number - After registering with the Tax Authority (HM Revenue & Customs in the UK), you will receive a VAT identification number (VATIN). The full identifier starts with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (except for Greece, which uses the non-standard country code EL) and then has between 2 and 12 characters. The identifiers are composed of numeric digits in most countries, but in some countries they may contain letters.
  • CoC number - All companies that register with the CoC receive a COC identification number. In several European countries registration / membership is not mandatory, it is however, if your company resides in the Netherlands.
  • National Identification Number - The National Identification Number is a unique identification number for everybody registered as a citizen or permanent or temporary resident. This number is required to establish a person’s identity. It can be found on your passport, identity document or driver’s license. 

Invoice details

The address data entered here will be listed on your monthly SEOshop invoice. 

  • Street name & number - Enter the street name and number of your office here.
  • Postal code & City - Enter the postal code and city of your office here.
  • County / region & country - Enter the county / region here and select the country where your office is located.

Enter your bank data here. They are essential for collecting your monthly invoice.

  • Bank name - Enter the name of the bank your company has registered with.
  • Account holder - Enter the name of the account holder here.
  • Sex - Select the sex (M/F) of the account holder here.
  • Birth date - Enter your birth date here (DD-MM-YYYY), for example, 01-01-1970.
  • Account number - Enter your direct debit account number here. This may differ from the number you use for your customers. The latter number may be entered through GENERAL > Settings > Company in the left menu of the back office.
  • IBAN - Enter your IBAN-code here. IBAN is the acronym for International Bank Account Number. It consists of 18 characters (digits and alphabetic characters). Example: The IBAN code of account 123456789 of the Rabobank is NL44 RABO 0123 4567 89. From the middle of 2014 onwards, payments can only be made using IBAN codes. In addition, everybody will use European (SEPA) standards for payment methods, such as wire transfers and direct debit.
  • Bank Identifier Code - Each bank has a code number for international payments. Outside the EU, it is called the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Enter the BIC code of your bank here, for example, RABONL2U for Rabobank.
  • Reference number - The reference number suffix may consists of digits or a random string of alphanumerical characters. You can use it to identify bank transactions. It could, for example, be the name of your online store.




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