Manage your filters

Besides filters that are included in the system by standard, such as price and brand, you can also create your own. Filtering is reducing the number of search results by ticking desired product feature check boxes. Product filters are related to the type of products offered in your online store. If you sell televisions, possible filter specifications could be "Brand", "Screen size" and "Color".

When you activate filters in your online store, they will be visible in product categories and search result pages, as well as all brand pages.

Filters are not included in all online store packages. If you do not see the Filters option listed underneath CATALOG in the left menu of the back office, you will have to purchase it through GENERAL > Extensions.

Creating filters

  1. Navigate to CATALOG > Filters in the left menu of the back office. Using the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen you can now easily add filters. Assign a name to them, such as Brand or Color. Click Save to create the filter(s) in question.
  2. You will be taken to the Preferences tab. Here you can activate filters (tick the Active check box), enabling your customers to use them.
  3. Subsequently add filter values. Select the Values tab at the top at the right of the screen. Now click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. A pop-up window opens, where you can add a title. It acts like a filter value, for example Black if you want to filter by color. Continue to create values until you have entered all desired possibilities for the filter in question, with a maximum of 15 filter values.
Note: The filter tool generates a heavy work load for the SEOshop databases, due to exponential relationships that arise when using several filters. Therefore a limit of six different filters per online store applies. Per filter a maximum of 15 filter values is set, and a maximum of 25 filter values can be linked to each individual product.

Linking filters

Filters can be linked in two ways, to an individual product and several products simultaneously, in a so-called 'bulk action'. This goes as follows:

Per product

Select the Filters tab at the corresponding product page. Here you can tick which filter values apply to the product, with a maximum of 25.

By bulk action

A lot of online stores offer hundreds of products, as a result of which will make manual modifications of all products from the range extremely time-consuming. In such cases, linking filters is done using a bulk action. Navigate to CATALOG > Products in the left menu of the back office and tick the products you wish to add filters to. Subsequently click With selected at the left at the bottom of the screen and select Modify filters. On the page that now appears, you can specify the applicable filters per individual product.

Filter values will only be visible in a category page in your online store if the corresponding category contains products linked to the filter values in question.
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