Online store settings

At GENERAL > Settings > Advanced you can configure/modify several rendition options of your online store.

  • Show demobar - When you activate the demo bar, an orange bar with the text “This store is under construction. Any placed orders will not be honored or fulfilled.” will be displayed above your online store. You can use this demo bar when you want to update your product portfolio.
  • Prices excl. VAT - Do you primarily supply to other businesses (B2B)? Tick the checkbox to display prices excluding VAT. This function is only visible when you have installed the B2B module.
  • Prices - Tick here whether prices should be displayed. Switch off rendition when you have not finished stocking your online store and do not want competitors to already know your prices.
  • Shopping cart - If you opt to disable it, customers will not be able to add products to their shopping cart and thus cannot pay.
  • Registration - If you disable this option, visitors will not be able to create an account and the shopping cart function will automatically be switched off.
  • Social login - Users wishing to purchase (a) product(s) first have to register. A pop-up window appears, displaying Register. Activating this function will also display an option to login through Facebook.
  • Related products - Use this option to make the related products block visible in the shopping cart.
  • Coupon code - Select here whether the coupon code block will be visible in the shopping cart.
  • Calculate shipping costs - Select here whether the calculate shipping costs block will be visible in the shopping cart.
  • Newsletter - Select here whether the block to sign up for the newsletter should be displayed.
  • Show variants - Choose between ‘always’ and ‘with two or more variants’. With ‘always’, product variants are anyhow displayed in a drop-down menu. If you choose ‘with two or more variants’, variants are only displayed if their number is two or higher. We recommend choosing the latter option.
  • Show progress - Select here whether you want the checkout progress bar displayed. This is the step bar seen in the shopping cart of your online store.
  • Show shopping cart - In the checkout area of your online store, products customers have in their shopping cart are displayed at the right side of the page. This section will become visible when customers click Finish order in the shopping cart. Select here whether you want this section displayed.
  • Show taxes - Indicate here whether you want VAT displayed in the shopping cart.
  • Legal mode - This option is primarily intended for the German market. Set it to Strict to comply to all legal requirements in Germany. Dutch online retailers with a Dutch online store can leave this option set to Normal.
  • Minimum order amount - Indicate here from which amount onwards customers may place an order
  • HS code - After activating this option, you can configure HS codes in the Price and stock tab, by navigating to CATALOG > Products in the left menu and clicking the desired product. A number of shipping companies require HS codes for international shipments.


Account & service

Indicate here whether customers can contact you through tickets and/or the contact form.

Feedback BCC E-mail - Enter the e-mail address for your customer reviews here, which you received from Trusted Shops or Trustpilot. In addition, you can enter your own e-mail address here to receive an e-mail notification containing a well-organized overview of placed customer orders.

Password strength - You can select the criteria that a client account password should adhere to below:

  • Normal– Customers are allowed to choose their password freely, without any restrictions and/or requirements.
  • Strong– A password should have a minimum of 1 digit.
  • Strongest– A password should have a minimum of 1 digit and a special character.


This requires users to enter their e-mail address when creating a SEOshop product review. You can choose between the following options: Deactivated (e-mail address not required), Optional (e-mail address not required, but customers have the possibility to enter it) or Activated (e-mail address required).

Name & address

Indicate here what your customers will have to enter with registration and shipping.


  • Grid - Configure here how you want your collection displayed. You can opt for a grid (next toe ach other) or a list (below each other).
  • Sort by - Here you can determine the sorting order of products.
  • Use custom sorting - By ticking this option, you can decide the order of products yourself. Navigate to CATALOG > Categories in the left menu of the back office. Select a category and click the Products tab. Now drag products in their desired order.
  • Products per page - Here you can click how many products you want displayed per page. Remaining products will be shown on consecutive pages.

Administration tab

Through the Administration tab you can change invoice and packing note numbers and configure a variety of payment reminders.

Payment reminder
Tick the checkbox next to a payment reminder. A drop-down menu will appear, where you can indicate after which period a payment reminder will be sent. The contents of the automatic e-mail sent you will have to write yourself, through SERVICE > E-mails & texts in the left menu of the back office.

Enter order prefixes and numbering (start) here. For example, for order ORD00001, the prefix is ‘ORD’ and start is ‘1’.

Enter invoice prefixes and numbering (start) here. For example, for order INV00001, the prefix is ‘INV’ and start is ‘1’.

Next to Create in the drop-down menu, you can select the time when the invoice will be created. Direct implies immediately upon placing an order, with Manual you will have to manually create an invoice for each order in the order dashboard. If you choose When paid, invoices will be created when customers have paid for their order(s).

Hide e-mail and phone number
With the Hide e-mail and phone number option you can prevent printing of e-mail addresses and phone numbers on invoices, for they will be visible in envelope windows.

Enter packing note prefixes and numbering (start) here. For example, for order SHIP00001 the prefix is ‘SHIP’ and start is ’1’.

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