Google webmaster tools

Before you can use Webmaster Tools, you will first have to publish your online store.

Webmaster Tools by Google provide you with detailed reports on the visibility of the pages in your online store in Google. View how Google indexes your online store and receive detailed information on specific issues Google might encounter with including your store in search results.

Check, classify and download important data concerning internal and external links to your online store en discover which Google search queries lead to your online store and how visitors actually end up there. You can also tell Google how you would like indexed URLs displayed.

Adding Webmaster Tools

Go to If you are not signed in with a Google account, you will first have to do so, or create one if you don't have a Google account.

  1. You will be prompted to enter a URL. Enter the URL of your online store.
  2. Click Alternative methods at the left at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the HTML tag option. Add (a) meta tag(s) to the homepage of your site. They will now be displayed and might look like this:
    <META NAME="google-site-verification" CONTENT="
    The only information required from the tag above is the code between quotes, in this case +nxGUDJ4QpAZ5l9Bsjdi102tLVC21AIh5d1Nl23908vVuFHs34=
  4. Copy this code and paste it in the SEOshop back office, through GENERAL > Settings > Others > Webmaster Tools. Enter the code (as in the example above) in the Meta tags section. You can add a number of meta tags, but only one code per line!
  5. Activate the Status check box by ticking it and click Save at the right at the bottom of the screen.
Note: Google webmaster tools can only be used on live shops.
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