Settings page under General

General settings

Here you can enter all administrative data of your business and increase your online visibility.

Country settings

Decide here on how you wish to ship orders and to which countries, delivery times that apply (configurable per individual product), currencies you will accept and the languages you want available in your online store, as well as the applicable VAT rate.

Checkout & payment methods

Have you entered your product range and would you like to start selling as soon as possible? Configure here how your customers can pay you. The SEOshop platform supports a variety of online payment methods.


Here you will fins statistical data from third parties such as Google Analytics en Clicky. SEOshop also provides proprietary statistics, you can find them by navigating to GENERAL > Statistics in the left menu of the back office.


Here you can bring your store and products to the attention of several important third parties.

Social media

This will enable your customers to no longer refrain from being 'vocal' about your products. An ideal tool to award 'Likes' on Facebook and increase awareness about your brand through Twitter.


Use this page to activate reports concerning the visibility of your store in Google, add additional Javascript functionality, allow tracking of placed orders, link to special promotional pages and to point out use of cookies to visitors of your store.


Are you curious about the opinions of your customers? Allow them to leave reviews. This will help you to discover what's on their minds, enabling you to improve your service. Are your customers satisfied? Then spread the word. Collect their feedback and share it through social media.

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