Configuring your profile

You can modify your profile setting through MY ACCOUNT > Profile in the left menu of the back office. Here, for instance, you can set up a personal email signature for use in messages to our customer service and upload a passport photo, to make contact more personal. You will also find the following tabs:


This data will be used when you send a ticket to SEOshop. 

  • Name - your first name.
  • Last name - your last name.
  • Date of Birth - your date of birth.
  • Telephone - the number on which we can reach you.
  • Signature - this information will be added when writing a new ticket. 
  • Image - your profile picture. Only SEOshop can see this picture.


Here you can configure the options below:

  • Mail Store Activities - When you activate this option, you will be notified by e-mail when online activities occur in your online store (such as Order Placed, Order Shipped, Customer Added etc.). You can find these activities by navigating to MY ACCOUNT > Activities in the left menu of the back office.

  • Mail new orders - activating this option will notify you by e-mail of new customer orders.

  • Show tool tips - Tool tips are displayed in yellow pop-up windows in the back office, after your registration with SEOshop. If you do not want to see them, you can deactivate them here.

  • Restart setup-wizard - The setup wizard is intended for new demo customers and guides them through the system. If you're new to the SEOshop platform and want to review the wizard, activate this option and click Save.

Language & time zone

Configure/modify the default language of your back office and/or its time zone. You can choose from the following date/time display options:

  • Date format - DD (day), MM (month), YY (year)
  • Time format - displayed in 24 hr.-notation
  • Date separator - 31/01/2012, 31-01-2012 of 31.01.2012
  • Time separator - 12:00 of 12.00


This tab will list your contracts with SEOshop.


If you possess important documents relevant to your SEOshop online store, such as agreements with suppliers, you can add them here. To add a document, click on the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. A pop-up window opens. Click on it to automatically open the window to browse for files on your computer. Select the documents you wish to add and click Open.


You can modify the password to login to the back office here.

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