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A redirect is a referral from one URL to another. For example, when you enter (with one o ), you will be automatically forwarded to If you transfer from another online store platform to SEOshop, it might be that your online store already possessed a good ranking in Google. Through redirects you can have old URLs of your online store refer to their new counterparts, so you will not suffer rank loss. You can configure either temporary or permanent redirects.

Temporary redirects

These are useful with temporary promotions. If the page associated with the promotion does not have a convenient URL, you can create a practical one that refers. For example, you have an promotion page located at and you wish to promote this page, you can then create a redirect that requires less characters to enter, like This link is easily promotable, because it is shorter in length and easier to remember for customers.

Permanent redirects

These may be used when, for example, a product page has been moved to a new destination. For instance, when you switch from another online store platform to SEOshop. The URLs of your old online store can be linked to your new online store using redirects. The domain name linked to SEOshop has to be identical the one of your old online store. If the old online store has a different domain name, you will have to configure a redirect with your hosting provider.

Note: You must to do this before the actual transfer of your domain to SEOshop, or you will still suffer rank loss.

Redirects only work for URLs that normally would cause a 404 error. A 404 page are non-existent pages, such as which would only exist after its associated promotion has been created, and have generated an error message beforehand.
Also, you cannot use an external page as a redirect link, the latter has to be included in your online store domain. You can however, have the redirect, being act as a referral.

Note: A redirect URL will not be indexed, nor does it replace the existing URL. A redirect is solely a URL referring to an existing page in your online store.

Configuring redirects

To get a clear idea how to configure redirects, it is useful to do so using an example. Let's say you have a product on special offer. You want to include a link to the product in question in your newsletter and also promote this link through your social media channels. Let's assume the product name is Product name example, with its brand being Brand example.

The link to the promo page looks like follows:

This link is not easy to remember, a shorter URL would be convenient, such as:

You can now set up a redirect from the promo page URL to the shorter URL, where the shorter one should not exist yet, as follows:

  1. Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Others > Redirects in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. A pop-up window opens, where your can configure the redirect.
  3. Enter the URL of the landing page in the URL field. This is the shortened URL. You only have to enter the part that comes after the slash sign after the domain name, being promo in the example above.
  4. Enter the URL where the page should refer to in the Target field. This may also be an external page and therefore not necessarily has to be a page in your online store.
  5. Click Save at the right at the bottom of the screen.

Redirects are configured to be temporary by default. If you wish to make them permanent, click the redirect in question to go to its edit page.

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