Add Quantity discount to a product

The higher the number of items your customers purchase of a given product, the cheaper it will become. That's the principle of quantity discounts. A quantity discount can be configured per product variant or for an entire product group. In addition, you can also offer a variety of quantity discounts per product variant.

Note: Quantity discounts are not included in the system with all packages. If you do not see quantity discounts listed as a tab with products, you will first have to purchase them through GENERAL > Extensions in the left menu of the back office.

Creating a quantity discount

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products in the left menu. In the product overview, select the product where you would like to offer a quantity discount.
  2. Click the Quantity discount tab in the product page and create a quantity discount by green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. A pop-up window opens, where you can enter Variant and Number. Use the Variant field to assign the product option for which you want to create a quantity discount, and the Number field for the number of items of a product customers will have to order to benefit from the quantity discount. Click Save to create the quantity discount.
  3. You will be taken to the configuration page of the quantity discount:
    • Number - Already entered in the previous step. You may modify its value here, if so desired.
    • Type - You can set a quantity discount of an amount or a percentage, linked to the Value field.
    • Value - If you have selected New Price with Type, then you will have to enter the price per individual unit here. Enter what your customers fill pay for the product in question after deducting the quantity discount. If you have selected Percentage with Type, enter the discount percentage (numerical values only).
    • Variant - Indicate for which product option the quantity discount applies. Do you have two product variants priced differently? If so, create a new quantity discount for each variant. You can also choose for the option All. The quantity discount will apply to all variants under a product.
    • Customer group - You may offer a quantity discount to all of your customers, but also to a select group, such as your loyal customers, or when a certain amount is spent monthly. Does the quantity discount apply to a specific group of customers only? If so, navigate to SALES > Customers in the left menu of the back office and create the group in question in the Groups tab.
    • Validity - Enter the time period during which the quantity discount applies
  4. Click Save to activate the quantity discount.
Note: The quantity discount takes effect from the value set at Number (see above). You can create different quantity discounts for different amounts purchased of a given product/product variant.
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