Statistics in the back office

At GENERAL > Statistics in the left menu of the back office, you can see at a glance how your online store is performing. At the top of the page, important data including total turnover and average daily sales, the number of unique visitors of your site and the average amount spent (the average of all paid orders) are displayed for the selected period. The latter one can be configured below through the date fields From and To, at the the top in the middle of the screen. Using the tabs at the right of the top of the screen, you can also select time periods such as per week, month, year, quarter or since the day of commencement of your online store.

In the first diagram below, you will find essential information concerning your website, such as the number of unique visitors (and a prognosis for the next period) and visibility in Google.

The second diagram displays actual financial figures, such as the total amount of all paid customer orders, as well as a turnover prognosis for the next period.

Would you like a more detailed overview for a specific period? You can zoom in on the diagram in question by clicking the desired starting point, keeping the mouse button (the left one in Windows) pressed and dragging sideways to the right to the point marking the end of the period in question. Click Show all at the right at the top of the screen to return to the full overview. Diagrams can display a maximum period of 24 months.

The blocks at the top

  • Total sales - The total turnover, including unpaid invoices. Cancelled invoices are excluded from the calculation.
  • Unique visitors - Each new visitor of your online store.
  • Success rate - The percentage of visitors that actually proceed to purchase.
  • Average daily sales - The average of all orders (paid/awaiting payment, i.e. with COD (Cash On Delivery) shipments)
  • Average order value - The average of all paid orders.

Visitors and search engines (1st diagram)

  • Visitors - The daily total number of unique visitors
  • Page views - The daily total number of pages viewed
  • Googlebot - The total number of pages in your online store indexed by Google on the day in question. To make sure that Google indexes you well ( in other words: knows how to spot you), we recommend starting with a well-stocked online store. With doing so, focus extensively on clear, to-the-point descriptions and the proper meta tags for all individual products in your range, this will increase your visibility.
  • Trend - This is the average trend of the past week, used as a prognosis for the number of visitors for the next period.

Sales statistics (2nd diagram)

  • Orders - The total number of orders
  • Turnover - The total of all orders, paid and unpaid
  • Paid - The total of all paid orders
  • Trend - The average trend of the past week, used as a turnover prognosis for the next period.
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