Your online store in different languages

SEOshop provides you with the opportunity to offer a number of languages in your online store. You can add additional available languages through GENERAL > Settings > Country settings > Languages in the left menu of the back office. If you have configured more than one language, visitors can choose their language of preference by clicking the flag drop-down menu displayed at the top of your website. The number of languages you can configure depends on the online store package you have chosen.

The language automatically adopts itself to the browser settings. If the interface language of your browser is set to English, your online store will automatically be displayed in English if you have added this language.

Per additional available language you will have to enter all store data, as you have done with the default language. This applies to product names and descriptions, text pages, category descriptions and headlines.

Adding languages

Add an additional language by clicking the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. Select the desired language in the drop-down menu that opens and click Save. The chosen language will be added but will not be immediately activated, to prevent products and options becoming visible before all information required has been entered.

You can see whether a given language is active by the icons displayed alongside. The red cross icon implicates an inactive language, whereas a green tick indicates that the associated language is active and may be set by your visitors. Click the eye icon next to a language to make it visible in your online store.

The default language is the language visitors will see first when visiting your store. If you want to change it, click the star icon next to the desired new default language.

When a language is set to inactive in the backoffice of your store, and you create a new product, this product will not be connected to the chosen language. Only when the language is set to active, and all new products are saved again, the language will be connected to your products. Don't forget to enter all store data as you have done with the default language.
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