With TradeTracker you can advertise based on pay-for-performance. This implies that you will tune targets with the party showing your ads beforehand and only pay when those targets are achieved. TradeTracker is used by advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliates). When you use TradeTracker, you can measure accurately whether your objectives are met.

For more substantive information, see the TradeTracker website.

When you have a TradeTracker account, navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Affiliate > TradeTracker to activate TradeTracker in your back office. Here you can fill the Campaign ID and Product ID with data from TradeTracker, enabling you to measure conversions.

Note: The SEOshop TradeTracker integration works for one country/campaign only. If you have an online store that is available in several languages, you can run one campaign only using this module, unless you have a separate store for each language.
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