An overview of all shipments

If you receive several orders per day, you can use shipment overviews. You can find them by navigating to SALES > Shipments in the left menu of the back office. Here you will see an overview of all orders shipped or pending shipping, sorted by date. Per individual order you can check the shipment status. Orders that are pending, are displayed colored in red. At the right at the top of the screen you can sort by Shipment status by clicking the tabs.

Click a given shipment to modify its status. A pop-up window opens, where you can set the status to Sent and add a Track & Trace code, if applicable. Click Save at the right at the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to view the associated order, click the yellow box with the paper icon at the far right of the screen. It will take you to the order dashboard. Clicking the printer icon will open its packing slip.

You may apply an action to multiple shipments simultaneously by ticking the check boxes next to the desired shipments and subsequently click With selected in the drop-down menu at the left at the bottom of the screen. Proceed with clicking the action you wish to apply.

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