Shipping with PostNL

PostNL integration enables you to provide your customers with additional shipping options. For example, you can specify delivery date and time, or have packages delivered at a post office (Easy Pack; in Dutch: PakjeGemak). You can also easily send packages within and outside of Europe.

PostNL integration automatically creates Track and Trace codes (bar codes) for you and registers your packages with PostNL when you are ready to send them.

Signing up with PostNL

Before using PostNL integration, you will need to sign a contract for sending packages with PostNL. You can do so starting from 100 packages per annum. Click here to sign up (page available in Dutch only).

No contract with PostNL yet

Did you indicate in your application that you do not have a contract yet? Depending on your annual volume, PostNL will contact you or send you an e-mail containing a link to a contract application form. Once the application has been completed, it may take several working days before you will receive the required data (such as customer number and contract).

Note: It may take a while before you can actually use the integration. It takes several working days to process a contract application; the same applies to signing up for delivery options. You can use the PostNL delivery options when you have a contract for them, and activated them in your online store.

You have a contract with PostNL

If you already have a contract with PostNL for sending packages, please state this in your application. Your application will be processed within a few working days. You will receive a contract appendix to agree to using delivery options. One contract appendix is used for all delivery options.

Before using delivery options, you will have to agree to all applicable terms and conditions. Subsequently, you can decide yourself, which options you would like to offer to your customers. All delivery options can individually be enabled / disabled.

PostNL configuration

You can configure PostNL settings through GENERAL > Settings > Checkout & Payment methods > PostNL. You will be taken to a page where you can configure options listed below. Note: some of the URLs refer to pages that are available in Dutch only.

  1. Status - activate PostNL by ticking the checkbox.
  2. Mode - set to “Test” is you want to connect your online store to a PostNL test account (staging). Set to “Live” when you want to connect your online store to a PostNL live account.
  3. Customer number - a unique id associated with your account, provided by PostNL.
  4. Customer code - a unique number, provided by PostNL.
  5. Location code - a number representing your shipping location, provided by PostNL.
  6. Username - add your PostNL username here
  7. Password - add here the password of your PostNl account
  8. Barcode type - generated for you by the system and provided by PostNL.
  9. Shipping methods - besides standard delivery at home where you can pick the day and time, using PostNL Checkout, PostNL integration also enables you to provide additional shipping methods.
    • Cash on delivery - customers may pay for packages upon delivery.
    • Post office delivery - in addition to timely delivery at home, PostNL also has a nationwide network of pick-up points. Your customers have the option to pick up their order at one of the many in-store post offices in the Netherlands, for example, at Albert Heijn, Bruna, Jumbo and Primera.
    • EuPack - shipment of packages to EU countries, Read more.
    • GlobalPack - shipment of packages to countries outside the EU. Red more.
  10. GlobalPack Barcode type - the barcode types generated by the system with worldwide shipments (GlobalPack), provide by PostNL.
  11. GlobalPack Barcode range - a unique number, provided by PostNL.
  12. Extra shipment options - here you can indicate the shipment options you want to use and the minimum order amount from which the given shipment option may be used / selected.
    • Increased liability - you can insure packages, for example, if you want to send valuable goods. Read more.
    • Return to sender if undeliverable - packages will be returned to sender if delivery is not possible. They may be assigned a new delivery address using MijnPakket (My Package).
    • Signature upon receipt - the package recipient will confirm receipt with a signature and his/her name in printed capitals. This will guarantee you actual customer delivery. Read more.
    • Home address only - packages will not be delivered to neighbors if the consignee is absent.
    • Early-bird pickup and evening delivery - The option Early-bird Pickup enables your customers to pickup their packages themselves at 400 locations in the Netherlands, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 08:30 hrs. With evening delivery, packages are delivered between 18:00 and 21:30 hrs.
  13. MijnPakket (My Package) - would you like to provide users with the opportunity to login with their MijnPakket account, to adopt address and delivery preferences while ordering? If so, tick the checkbox.
  14. Taxes - The VAT rate that applies to all PostNL shipping methods.
  15. Shipment address - the sender’s address, listed as return address on shipment stickers.

PostNL: Price matrix

For each shipping method you can set shipping rates per weight class. Choose a minimum weight (left row), a maximum weight (middle row) and the rate for the given shipment method per weight class (right row). Click + Add row below each option to add a new row. You may add as many as you like, to construct your ideal weight and rate chart.

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