Platform limits

Our platform has some limits that apply to all users. These limits are configured to guarantee speedy operation for all online stores on the platform.

Below you will find an overview of all applicable limits:

Number of languages 9
Number of categories 2,000
Custom sorting within a category Up to 199 products within a category
Files (through TOOLS > Files) 500 (max. 50MB in total)
Product - number of extra fields per product 20
Product – number of quantity discounts per product 10
Product – number of  images per product 10
Product – number of tags per product: 25
Product – number of related products that may be added to one single product 10
Number of filters 6
Number of values per filter 15
Product – number of filter values per product 25
Number of products per tag 500
Number of visible blog posts in Recent blog posts section 5
Number of visible gift wrappings / upsells in checkout 20
Number of products in Wishlist 50
Number of discount rules 20


Note: These limits cannot be modified.
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