Order is listed as Unpaid

Sometimes an order may not come through entirely. If this happens, you can manually set its status to Paid. Navigate to SALES > Orders in the left menu of the back office and select the desired order.

If this issue keeps occurring, it's very likely that there's more going on. Do not manually set the order to Paid, but leave its status as is. Otherwise our developers will no longer be able to see where things go wrong. Contact the payment service provider (PSP) in question first. Maybe they have implemented minor changes in their procedures, are currently experiencing technical malfunction or something is wrong with the data you have entered through the SEOshop back office.

If the above does not provide a solution, you can send a message through MY ACCOUNT > Customer service in the left menu of the back office. In it, you should mention that the issue has occurred repeatedly, the order number of the last order in question (unpaid order), the PSP involved and the payment methods used. Our customer support desk will then deal with the issue.

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