General theme settings

You can modify general design settings of your online store through GENERAL > Design > Settings in the left menu of the back office. There are three tabs, with the following options:

This page may vary from your own configuration page, because it is different for each separate theme. For more information, please refer to the theme documentation provided with your theme in the Theme Store (reachable through GENERAL > Theme store in the left menu).

Theme settings

Depending on your theme, there are several possible settings. Take into account, that your theme might not feature all of the settings mentioned below. 

Do you see settings on your configuration page that are not mentioned? If so, check your theme in the Theme Store, where you fill find its documentation. If it does not contain what you are looking for, please contact SEOshop customer service through MY ACCOUNT > Customer service in the left menu.

Preset Choose from pre-programmed color settings here.
Color You can configure the background color here.
Image Upload a background image here. The maximum size is 1200 x 1200 pixels.
Position Configure the image position here.
Repeat Use this option to repeat the image on-screen, in order to fill the screen. Repeat - the image is repeated both horizontally and vertically.
  Horizontal - the image is repeated from left to right.
  Vertical - the image is repeated from top to bottom.
Background color Some themes use blocks to graphically display your products. You can modify the background color of blocks here.
Add to cart You can modify the color of the order button next to a product here.
Info Here you can modify colors of buttons, such as Login, Subscribe (to the newsletter) and View (the cart contents).
Default You can modify the color of all other buttons here, for example Add to add tags.
Favicon The icon displayed in your browser's tab or next to the URL of your online store. The SEOshop logo is shown by default, we therefore recommend to modify this.
Header This is the bar displayed at the top of a page. It contains a link to your homepage. Many customers opt for incorporating their logo into the header. The back office indicates the appropriate header size per separate theme.
Hide brands Use this option to remove the brands element from your navigation. Normally, brands will display an overview of the brands added to your online store.
Hide RSS feeds RSS feeds are a simplified rendition of the contents of your online store. With it, customers are able to see for example, when you have added new products to your online store. Activate this option to hide these feeds from your customers.
Hide tags By default, tags are displayed at the bottom on every page. If you tick this check box, tags will not be shown. These are not the tags that are displayed on every product page.

System colors

Here you can modify the colors of several elements within the shopping cart of your online store that are independent of your selected theme.

Modified CSS

When you have activated the Template Editor, updates are no longer automatically implemented in your theme. This way, we prevent your changes from being overwritten by us. However, this means you will have to implement updates to your theme yourself.

To solve this, navigate to GENERAL > Design > Settings in the left menu of the back office to modify the CSS files of your online store. Select the Custom CSS tab. When you modify CSS files here, updates will be implemented automatically.

Would you also like to modify HTML files? To do so, you will need the Template Editor.

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