Google Analytics

Contrary to offline marketing, everything can be measured online. You can see how many people visit your online store, where visitors come from, which of them purchase the most and much more. With an online campaign you can thus exactly see whether it pays for itself. You can measure this, for example, by using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics registration and Tracking ID

  1. To use Google Analytics, you need a Google Analytics account. Go to the Google Analytics website to create one.
  2. Click Signup at the right side of the screen. You can now enter the URL of your online store and other important data. At the bottom of the page the text Get Tracking Code will appear. You will need the tracking code for the following steps.
  3. Upon acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions you will see the tracking code. Copy it.
  4. Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Statistics > Google Analytics in the left menu of the back office and paste the tracking code in the Tracking ID field. Activate the Status check box by ticking it and select whether you want to track conversion. For an online store, it is advisable to have conversion measured.


Google Analytics offers extensive options for e-commerce websites such as online stores. You will have to notify Google Analytics that your website classifies as an e-commerce site. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. If the window with the Google Analytics tracking code is till open, you will see Property settings. Click the arrow pointing left at the left side of the screen to open the Analytics menu.
  2. At the right side of the screen click the Profile Settings option below Profile.
  3. In the E-commerce Settings area you will find the E-commerce tracking option. Select Yes, an E-commerce website in the drop-down menu.

Creating target conversions

A target conversion can be a purchase in your online store, or a whitepaper download or something similar. In order to measure conversions, you will first have to create them. This goes as follows:

  1. Click Targets underneath Profile in the Analytics menu.
  2. Create a new target by selecting Create target. You will be taken to a page containing a step-by-step plan.
    • Step 1: Configure your target conversion. In the case of an online store, this would be Place an order.
    • Step 2: Configure the conversion type. Here you will indicate how conversions will be completed. In the case of an online store, this would involve displaying a Thank You page, therefore select Destination.
    • Step 3: Enter the exact URL of the destination page. The SEOshop Thank You page URL is The only required part from this URL is /checkout/thankyou/. Note: When your online store is available in several languages the URL might be /US/checkout/thankyou.
  3. Save your settings, navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Statistics > Google Analytics in the left menu of the back office and tick the conversion check box to indicate you want to measure conversions.
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